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When Anna’s brother called to tell her that his wife was expecting their first child, Anna was stumped. What could she possibly give as a baby shower gift that they wouldn’t already have? She knew this child would have the finest of everything, from space-age strollers to monogrammed diapers. Instead of adding to the growing pile of silver Tiffany rattles, she decided to give the most precious gift of all: an education.

“There are only so many designer onesies and booties you can ooh and ahh over at a baby shower. This book was by far the best present of the day!”


Elizabeth W. – Show-jumping champion, luxury car owner

"I burned so many calories laughing at this book, I told my private yoga instructor to stay home this week."


Amy D. – Jet-setting gourmand, country club member

"My son loves the fun pictures and clever rhymes, and I love that he's learning about the important things in life."


Pamela L. – Heiress, graduate of an elite private school

“Make sure expectant mothers have a chance to visit the ladies’ room before they read this book. Trust me on this one.”


Christy F. – Fashionista, owner of multiple summer homes

“This book is so essential I had my assistant order one for each of our homes.”


Karen U. – High-ranking executive, art collector

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